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CBoTB: Southern Tier Brewing-History

Three weeks ago, my wife and I, along with one of our sons and friends, took advantage of a beautiful stretch of September weather and made the drive to Lakewood, New York for Southern Tier Brewing’s Pumking Fest!  Pumking is unbelievably delicious.  To quote Southern Tier’s VP of Operations, Matt Dunn, “It tastes exactly like pumpkin pie!”

While Pumking Fest is centered around Pumking, it’s really a day to celebrate life and great beer.  Pumking Fest is an annual event that takes place at Southern Tier’s spectacular brewery with live music, great food, yard games including pumpkin bowling and their awesome line-up of craft beers.

Southern Tier Brewing Company was founded in 2002 by Phin Demink and Skip Yahn in Lakewood, New York.  Phin and his wife Sara had moved back to the Lakewood, New York area after Phin had spent time as a brewer for Goose Island Brewing in Chicago.  I asked Matt Dunn to tell us about the brewery’s history.

Part of what has driven Southern Tier’s success has, naturally, come from their outstanding line-up of beer and a well-designed sales and marketing effort.  But it’s also come from innovation and vision. 

Next week, Matt Dunn talks about the newest version of Pumking, released for the first time this year and tells us about the incredible appeal of their IPA line-up. 

Have a great weekend!  And pick-up some Pumking… or any one of the Southern Tier IPAs!



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