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CBoTB-DuClaw Brewing-Part III:Tasting Beers!

Over the last two weeks, you’ve heard about the wonderful rebound of DuClaw Brewing—a return to their significance and importance to craft brewing.  Founder Dave Benfield recognized that with more breweries and, subsequently, more competition, he needed to make changes and refine aspects in the operation of his brewery.  DuClaw Brewing is making really good beer again and craft beer enthusiasts are taking notice. 

In this “Part III” on DuClaw Brewing’s resurgence, Regional Sales Manager Brook Simmons walks us through some of the beers in DuClaw’s portfolio.  First up, a beer that is literally called “Regular Beer”; a beer so… regular… that it has an all-white label with “Regular Beer.  A beer that tastes like beer” printed boldly in black.

And although the name is simple, the beer is a rock-solid golden lager.  Our next beer:  Haze of Glory.

Smooth, soft and a really good Hazy IPA. 

We then had Citra Snuggy, part of DuClaw’s Double IPA series.  Delicous.  But it’ll be tough to find, because their latest beer in their Double IPA series, called Rule of Three, has been released.  But look for both!

Time to taste another DuClaw craft beer

We then moved on to Sour Me Peach Sherbet, one of the beers in DuClaw’s sour series, a beer that was so well received after it’s release last year, that DuClaw knew they had to brew it again this year.

Brook and I wrapped up our tasting session with a gose, featuring a name and artwork that embraces Baltimore.  The can is orange and has a pennant incorporated into the label design and the beer’s name is: Gose O’s!  Refreshing, slightly tart, with cantaloupe and black lava sea salt and easy to drink.

To DuClaw Brewing and it’s fantastic turnaround story…



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