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CBoTB-DuClaw Brewing-Part II: Change

Last week, DuClaw Brewing Founder Dave Benfield filled us in on the evolution of the brewery, from start-up to today.  While DuClaw has always been successful, they are building a new base of fans because of their dramatically improved beer and are, in many ways, going through a transformative time.

DuClaw’s improved and refined recipes are part of the reason why they’re attracting new talent to the brewery.  When I met with Dave Benfield, I also had the chance to meet several of the relatively new DuClaw employees, including Marketing Director Madeline Caldwell.

(DuClaw Brewing’s Marketing Director, Madeline Caldwell, talks)

Like Madeline Caldwell, Regional Sales Manager Brook Simmons joined DuClaw a little over a year ago for some of the same reasons: a good company was now making some really good beer.  Brook’s craft beer journey started in 2004 while attending Ohio State.  He saw a bottle of Stone Brewing’s Russian Imperial Stout and as an art major loved the design.  Once he drank the beer, his love affair with craft beer was written in… stone.  After getting his Art degree, it was off to Penn State for his Masters and a teaching position at the school.  Along the way, he met the woman who he would ultimately marry, leading to a move to Baltimore and a job buying beer at The Wine Source in Hampden.  Except… there was a problem with carrying DuClaw beer.

(DuClaw Brewing’s Regional Sales Manager, Brook Simmons, talks)

As Brook Simmons passion for craft beer kept growing, so did his desire to take the next step in his career: an almost meant-to-be opportunity to join DuClaw Brewing.

(DuClaw Brewing’s Regional Sales Manager, Brook Simmons, talks)

Brook and I sampled several beers during my time at the brewery; beers that Brook will describe and bring to life in next week’s Craft Beer on The Bay feature.  Until next week…



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