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CBoTB-DuClaw Brewing – Part I – The History

When Dave Benfield founded DuClaw Brewing Company in 1996, he was very much at the leading edge of, what was then, a slowly emerging craft beer industry.  Now, 23 years later, DuClaw Brewing is experiencing some exciting, and well-deserved growth.  A combination of increased competition over the last five years and some flaws in their beer had led to challenging times for DuClaw.  But Dave Benfield is not just a brewer, he’s a smart businessman.  Simply put, Dave and his team figured out what was wrong with their beer, fixed it and is now making some truly outstanding craft beer!

When I got together with Dave Benfield, we talked about the dramatic improvement in the beer and, as a result, the major increases in DuClaw beer sales.  But first, I wanted to find out how it all got started.

Dave Benfield started homebrewing during his junior year at Loyola University.  Over the next few years, more and more friends began drinking more and more of his beer, all leading to Dave’s decision to open a restaurant brewery.

(DuClaw Brewing Found Dave Benfield talks)

After opening their new taproom and brewhouse in Baltimore, DuClaw sold off their restaurants to focus on brewing, bottling, canning and distributing beer.  And DuClaw was ready, having moved from their initial 15-barrel system to a 40 and now into an innovative 60-barrel system that gives the brewery a lot of options.

(DuClaw Brewing Found Dave Benfield talks)

Over the next two weeks, in Parts Two and Three of the DuClaw story, Sales Manager Brook Simmons talks about some of the DuClaw beers that are now flying off the shelves and why he joined DuClaw Brewing.

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