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CBoTB-Jailbreak Brewing’s 5th Anniversary

Five years ago, Justin Bonner and Kasey Turner saw a dream come true when they opened Jailbreak Brewing in Laurel, Maryland.  From day one, Justin and Kasey were committed to creativity, developing a connected company culture, and making quality the core theme to everything from the beer Jailbreak brews to the merchandise they offer.  Now, five years later, Jailbreak Brewing continues to grow with all of their core business concepts stronger than ever.

So now it’s time to celebrate!  Next Saturday, Jailbreak Brewing’s 5th Anniversary Party kicks off at 4pm both inside and outside the brewery with music, food and… beer!

The music: Jailbreak has lined up Ballyhoo!, Jah Works and Edjacated Phools.  After starting the party with Edjacated Phools, Jah Works hits the stage at 6pm with Ballyhoo! taking over at 8pm.

The food: Jailbreak Brewing’s permanent on-site kitchen serves food that’s always prepared fresh, daily—burgers, wraps, sandwiches, salads, tacos and flatbreads… all with the creativity and the quality that Jailbreak embraces.

Now the beer!  Beyond their excellent line-up of flagship beers like The Infinite, an Amber Ale; Poor Righteous, an IPA; and Feed The Monkey, an orange Heffeweizen… to name just a few, there will be some beers that will be exclusive to the party, available in 16 oz. cans and on draft.  Here are a few:

  • Lemon Meringue Funk, a Lemon Meringue Berliner Weisse with lactose, lemon zest and lemon juice.
  • Oats & Toffee & Chocolate & Stuff, Jailbreak’s Imperial Oat Milk Stout with toffee, liquid cacao, lactose, and vanilla.
  • Bruh Hymn, a Hazy Double IPA with all Australian-hops.

And this year, Jailbreak Brewing has added a barrel-aged tent, with seven barrel-aged beers like… Barleywine is Beer, their English-Style Barleywine aged for over a year in maple syrup bourbon barrels.  And that’s just one of the seven!

Thirsty?  Hungry?  Ready to join Jailbreak Brewing for their 5th Anniversary Party next Saturday at the brewery?  Text the word “Jailbreak”, right now, to 410-584-1007 for two tickets to this celebration of beer, music, food… and life!  Text “Jailbreak” to 410-584-1007 and two random texters will each win two tickets to Jailbreak Brewing’s 5th Anniversary Party!



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