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CBoTB-Manor Hill Brewing’s Growth

Manor Hill Brewing started operating as Howard County’s first farm brewery in July 2015 and is located on the beautiful Marriner family farm in Ellicott City.  Earlier this week, I sat down in Manor Hill’s taproom with Chief Marketing Officer, Corey Mull and talked about the brewery’s growth.

Corey was working in a marketing position in Washington, D.C. when he married Rachel Marriner, one of the two Marriner daughters.  As a member of the family and a person with marketing expertise, Corey was a natural fit to help the brewery in its marketing efforts, first working nights and weekends and then joining Manor Hill in a full-time capacity as its CMO.  As their beers got better and better, so did the demands for Manor Hill beer.

(Manor Hill Brewing’s Corey Mull talks)

And while Manor Hill Pilsner and Manor Hill IPA are popular, Head Brewer, Kurt Kroll is always developing new recipes!

(Manor Hill Brewing’s Corey Mull talks)

On September’s First Friday, Manor Hill will have two more limited release beers: All Out of Gum, a hazy New England IPA brewed in collaboration with Black Flag Brewing and Slow Regard, a dry-hopped Grisette.

But beyond the limited release beers, Manor Hill has some incredible year-round beers, like Citra Splendor.

(Manor Hill Brewing’s Corey Mull talks)

Manor Hill has a new year-round beer for 2019, Hayes Creek, a mash-up of a kettle sour and a blonde ale.

(Manor Hill Brewing’s Corey Mull talks)

We’re at the start of an amazing summer weekend!  Celebrate life with any one of Manor Hill’s excellent craft beers!



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