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CBoTB-Jobs in Craft Brewing

The continued growth in craft brewing has meant there are a lot more of a lot of things: breweries, beers, variations on styles, packaging designs, craft beer tap houses, brewery tap rooms and… jobs!

2018 Brewers Association employment data reveals that the craft brewing industry accounted for 150,148 jobs last year, up 11% from 2017.  And with the growth of craft beer in Maryland and our neighbors in Pennsylvania and Delaware, many of those new jobs are being created right here.

Last week, when I met with Justin Bonner, co-founder of Jailbreak Brewing, we talked about their brewery’s growth, the opening of their restaurant and the Jailbreak team.

(Jailbreak Brewing’s Justin Bonner talks)

Phil Rhudy, founder of Independent Brewing, built a two-room taproom and brewery 3 ½ years ago in downtown Bel Air.  Phil Rhudy was the first employee of Independent Brewing, but the Independent family has grown.

(Independent Brewing’s Phil Rhudy talks)

The craft beer industry.  It’s great for a lot of reasons: good times, delicious beer, fun social experiences, cool places to visit and… jobs!



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