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When Justin Bonner and Casey Turner founded Jailbreak Brewing in Laurel in April 2014, their initial design featured a large and warm taproom with a floor to ceiling view of the brewery located directly behind the bar.  And since that moment, Jailbreak has not only been producing some of the best beer in Maryland, they’ve also continued to refine their business model.

Justin Bonner and I got together this week and talked about Jailbreak’s never-ending commitment to quality and innovation.

(Jailbreak Brewing’s Justin Bonner talks)

Jailbreak’s beers are, without exception, excellent.  They have five year-round beers: The Infinite, an Amber Ale; Feed The Monkey, an Orange Hefeweizen; Czech the Technique, a Czech Pilsner; Poor Righteous, an American IPA; and Special Lady Friend, a Hazy IPA… and so much more.  Innovation in brewing is part of what makes Jailbreak so exceptional.

(Jailbreak Brewing’s Justin Bonner talks)

Jailbreak’s commitment to quality is unparalleled.  As we talked, Justin told me about a spectacular Imperial Oak Milk Stout made with hazelnuts and coffee.

Coming towards the end of this year, a huge sour beer series from Jailbreak Brewing in collaboration with Evil Twin Brewing from New York City.

Jailbreak Brewing.  Standards of excellence and creativity in brewing.

(Jailbreak Brewing’s Justin Bonner talks)

It’s a hot summer weekend!  A perfect time for enjoying some Jailbreak beer!



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