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“Smallville” actor & Baltimore native John Glover talks with Joanna Campbell

Maryland native John Glover is coming to Shore Leave 41, July 12-14 at the Delta Hotel by Marriott in Hunt Valley. While there is lot of focus on Star Trek at the fan-run science fiction convention, other Sci-Fi fan bases are always welcome with open arms, and this year features a lot of actors from Smallville!

John Glover caught the acting bug while at “Towson State Teacher’s College” (now Towson University,” and has not only played Lionel Luther on Smallville, and the Trill, Verad, on Star Trek Deep Space 9, he also voiced “The Riddler” on the critically claimed “Batman: The Animated Series,” so he’s the perfect guest for Shore Leave 41!
John talked to Joanna Campbell about watching the “old Superman” with George Reeves growing up, his love of the written word on paper, the impact some of his character’s have had on fans, and being Patrick Stewart’s neighbor. He even throws in the Baltimore accent for fun!

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