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Joanna Campbell’s one-on-one with Ethan Peck, Star Trek Discovery’s “Spock”

Shore Leave is returning to Hunt Valley July 12-14th for it’s 41st fan-run science fiction convention! While there is lot of focus on Star Trek, other Sci-Fi fan bases are always welcomed with open arms.

Star Trek Discovery’s “Spock,” Ethan Peck is one of the guests scheduled for Saturday and Sunday of the convention. He shared his plans for Shore Leave 41, including trying to find some crab cakes, with Joanna Campbell!
Ethan is always looking for the next role that is compelling, and tells a good story. While he has his sights set on an “Enterprise” spin-off for Spock, He’s also interested in spending time in one of the many super hero universes, and is open to playing a villain, especially a “charming psychopath.” He enjoys being a legacy, but he’d also like to steer clear of too many reboots, and have a role he can really make his own.  Oh, and his favorite classic rock to listen to in college was Pink Floyd!
Listen to the full interview here, and check Ethan out at Shore Leave 41!

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