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CBoTB-True Respite Brewing

It was 2014 when the husband and wife team of Brendan and Bailey O’Leary made the decision to open a brewery.  Brendan had been brewing at home for several years, Bailey had fallen in love with the craft beer culture, and together they had developed a detailed business plan.  With the decision made, Brendan and Bailey O’Leary needed to find investors, a location, a brewing system and someone with larger scale brewing experience.

Enter Kenny Allen.  After talking to many different brewers, Brendan and Bailey O’Leary knew the fit was right with Kenny Allen and offered Kenny a position as Head Brewer and Co-Founder of True Respite Brewing.

When I asked Brendan about how he and Bailey came up with the name for the brewery, he explained their inspiration.

(Brendan O’Leary, Co-Founder of True Respite Brewing, talks)

Last year, after being opened for just four months, True Respite entered eight of their beers into the 2018 Maryland Craft Beer Competition, winning five medals and being awarded Second Runner-Up for Best in Show.  True Respite releases two new beers for distribution every two weeks.

(Brendan O’Leary, Co-Founder of True Respite Brewing, talks)

Breaking news!  True Respite has just released their first flagship beer!

(Brendan O’Leary, Co-Founder of True Respite Brewing, talks)

Head Brewer, Kenny Allen, fell in love with craft beer while living in Portland, Oregon when “microbreweries” were exploding in the Northwest.  When he returned to his home state of Virginia, he walked into Old Dominium Brewing, on a whim, and asked for a job.  15 years later, Kenny had moved from working on the bottling line to becoming Brewmaster.  All three Co-Founders of True Respite recognize the importance of teamwork in building success.  Kenny Allen takes us back to the days before the brewery opened.

(Kenny Allen, Co-Founder and Head Brewer at True Respite, talks)

The right people, the right concepts, the right location, the right equipment… it all adds up to some really good beer!  True Respite Brewing’s beers are available in their Rockville brewery taproom and at liquor stores in and around Baltimore.



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