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CBoTB-Lawnmower Beers

With so many rich and complex craft beer choices, it’s easy to overlook beer that is brewed to be true to its style.  Beers are now commonly aged in rum, whiskey, bourbon, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and chardonnay barrels.  Fruit and vegetables are included in some recipes.  Spices are added in others.  A wide variety of yeasts are used, each affecting the fermentation process differently.  Bacteria is intentionally introduced and then killed off after it’s work is done.

Brewers across America are experimenting with variations of traditional styles and sometimes creating a new style in the process.  A tremendous example of that is the emergence of a style in the last three years that is now officially known as “Hazy and Juicy IPA”.  Before that, pumpkin ales were recognized as a sub-category to vegetable beers.  And knowing that nothing will stay the same, there will be another new style sometime soon.

Well, over the last couple of years, a new—and completely… totally… unofficial—style of beer has been talked about among craft beer enthusiasts and brewers alike.

Lawnmower beer.

Plain and simple and almost nostalgic in concept.

Lawnmower beer.

As soon as we hear the term, images of sunshine, green grass, and warm weather appear in our minds.  Then we’re transported to a hot summer afternoon cutting the grass and thirsting for that first cold beer when the job is done.

So what’s a “lawnmower beer”?  Something that’s delicious, refreshing, satisfying and a beer that you can feel comfortable having a few when your work is done.  Here are three examples: Pivo Pils, a pilsner from Firestone Walker; Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada; and When In Doubt, a Helles Lager from Troeg’s—all great beers to enjoy on a hot summer day after an afternoon of cutting the grass.

Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!  And have a cold craft beer after a hot afternoon walking behind, or riding on, your lawnmower!



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