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CBoTB-Checkerspot Brewing’s Second Floor

A little less than a year ago, Checkerspot Brewing had just opened their brewery and taproom and was brewing and pouring beer as construction continued.  Now, the moment that co-owners, Judy Neff, Rob Neff and Steve Marsh so patiently waited for, has arrived.  I stopped by the brewery yesterday and talked with Checkerspot’s Steve Marsh and Judy Neff.

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Judy Neff talks)

And this weekend is a big weekend!

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Judy Neff talks)

Checkerspot Brewing’s second floor features a second bar and a full kitchen.  The kitchen will focus on beer-centric foods, with local cheeses, meats and produce.

Beyond its great line-up of beers, Checkerspot Brewing always has cask beer.  There is a distinct art to making good and interesting cask beer and Steve Marsh is an artist!

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Steve Marsh talks)

And with tomorrow being Derby Day and the start of the race to the Triple Crown, Checkerspot is brewing some specially themed beers.

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Judy Neff talks)

The taproom features reclaimed wood and furniture, driftwood tap handles, label art designed by Adam Miller and lots of delicious Checkerspot craft beer!

This year, May 4th isn’t just “Star Wars Day” or the day for the Kentucky Derby, it’s Checkerspot Brewing’s “The Construction Is Over And The Second Floor Is Open Party!”



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