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CBoTB-Black Flag Brewing Company

When Brian Gaylor started brewing beer in his parent’s garage, it was a weekend hobby while working in IT.  But IT wasn’t Brian Gaylor’s passion; brewing beer was.  As Brian started to make better and better beer, his friends began to encourage him to open a brewery.  In 2015, he developed a business plan and with the help of some friends as investors, Brian founded Blag Flag Brewing Company.  Black Flag is making some really good craft beer, beer that you can enjoy in their taproom on Snowden River Parkway in Columbia and pick up at your local liquor store.

If you visit their taproom, you’ll have the chance to try something new on every visit, as well as being able to enjoy one of their flagship beers.  Here’s Black Flag Brewing’s Brian Gaylor.

(Black Flag Brewing’s Brian Gaylor talks)

As of now, all of Black Flag’s can releases are one-time only brews.  Until recently, I had only had Black Flag’s beer on draft.  But a few weeks ago, I had the chance to buy two of their one-time only beers: Glen Cocoa, a rich, delicious stout and Kind Nugs, a hazy IPA.

(Black Flag Brewing’s Brian Gaylor talks)

In just 8 days, Black Flag is throwing a party to kick off two new can releases at the brewery.  I asked Brian Gaylor to tell us about the event.

(Black Flag Brewing’s Brian Gaylor talks)

Good beer.  Good music.  Saturday, April 20th—a good day to spend at Black Flag Brewing!



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