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CBoTB-Full Tilt’s New Taproom-Part I!

Full Tilt Brewing has been producing excellent craft beer for over six years now, but it all started in a kitchen with two guys brewing for the very first time.  A little over ten years ago, cousins and best friends, Nick Fertig and Dan Baumiller bought a home brew kit on eBay. Full Tilt’s Nick Fertig tells us the story.

(Full Tilt Brewing’s Nick Fertig talks)

Then they took their brewing from Nick’s kitchen stove to a friend’s garage where they built a much larger, 10 gallon brewing system.

(Full Tilt Brewing’s Nick Fertig talks)

But Nick Fertig and Dan Baumiller kept talking… and dreaming… and came up with the name and logo for Full Tilt.  Then they were introduced to Stephen Demczuk, the President of RavenBeer.  It was 2012 and Stephen was just starting to brew his beers at Peabody Heights Brewery.  Stephen was looking for a brewery interested in contract brewing, the process of brewing beer on another company’s brewing system, a concept that Sam Adams Boston Lager used in their initial growth years.

(Full Tilt Brewing’s Nick Fertig talks)

And they have built a beautiful, spectacular and warm space, using the original brick walls, some reclaimed bricks for the bar and half-walls and a long, inviting bar.  The Full Tilt Brewery and Taproom is located at 5604 York Road, just down the street from The Senator movie theater and Belvedere Square.

Next week, Nick Fertig will tell us more about their just opened brewery and taproom.  So between now and then, make a visit to Full Tilt’s great new space!



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