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CBoTB-Full Tilt Brewing’s New Home-Part I

Full Tilt Brewing’s New Home-Part I

I’m especially happy to share some great news about some great guys who brew great beer!  For the last six years, Nick Fertig and Dan Baumiller, the founders of Full Tilt Brewing, have been brewing their delicious beers at Peabody Heights Brewery under a contract-brewing arrangement.  Contract brewing is a fairly common way for breweries to brew larger quantities of their beer either while they work on plans on building their own brewery or to have enough beer to distribute to multiple bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

Building a brewery is no easy task—it takes location, location, location… and money.  There are many breweries that succeed for years without every building their own brewery.  But Nick Fertig and Dan Baumiller have had a deep passion and commitment to opening their own space.

Well, the great news I just mentioned is that Full Tilt Brewing will be opening their brewery and taproom next week at 5604 York Road, in the Govans neighborhood of Baltimore, just a few blocks away from Belvedere Square.  The brick building is painted light blue and is called the Accelerator Building.  Next week, on this Craft Beer on The Bay feature, you’ll hear more about this great moment from Full Tilt’s Nick Fertig, including a taste of what we will all experience when we visit their brewery and taproom, including some of the amazing Full Tilt craft beer.

If you’ve never had a Full Tilt craft beer, pick up any one of their beers this weekend.  All are true to their style, all are inventive and all are excellent.  If you’re a hop-head like I am, then pick up a Full Tilt Hops The Cat IPA.  It is spectacular!



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