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CBoTB-Inverness Brewing

Yesterday, I visited the very new Inverness Brewing taproom and brewery in Monkton and spent time with owners Sandy and Ray Frank and their head brewer, Tom Davidson.  Inverness Brewing is located on the Frank’s 100 acre farm and features a stunning and beautifully restored 100-year-old barn; a barn that is home to Inverness Brewing’s taproom.  Sandy, Ray, Tom and I grabbed some stools and talked about Inverness Brewing’s start.  Here’s Sandy Frank.

(Inverness Brewing’s Sandy Frank talks)

That was in January of last year. Sandy and Ray moved forward and applied for a Class A farm brewery license, then headed off to the University of Wisconsin for a 3-day class on growing hops.

(Inverness Brewing’s Sandy Frank talks)

And in the middle of getting the hop field ready, the Franks found out they were approved to start their farm brewery.  Now they had to find a place for the brewery and the taproom.  Ray Frank fills us in.

(Inverness Brewing’s Ray Frank talks)

Tell us about the stable.

(Inverness Brewing’s Ray Frank talks)

Now with a brand new brewing system on order, the space for the brewery finished and an inviting taproom ready for craft beer drinkers, Inverness Brewing needed a brewer!  Then a friend of Sandy and Ray Frank recommended Tom Davidson.

(Inverness Brewing’s Sandy Frank talks)

Now we gotta meet this guy!

(Inverness Brewing’s Tom Davidson talks)

 Inverness Brewing is brewing some really good beer.  You’ll love the look of the farm, the amazing tap room and the delicious craft beer.  I’ll see you there, soon!



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