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Seasonal Releases

The leaves are changing, the air is a little cooler, and the Christmas and Holiday Season is just around the corner.  These are fantastic Fall days.  We are all able to enjoy the beauty of the season, the comfortable and brisk weather, and some of our last chances to savor some delicious craft beer brewed just for this time of year.

As you stop by your favorite pub or bar, or shop in your local liquor store, make sure you take advantage of the chance to try a Fall seasonal beer or drink one of your regular Autumn-only beers.  Soon they will be gone, but for just a few more weeks, you can find Octoberfests, Pumpkin Ales and Harvest Beers.

One of the great ways to enjoy one of these limited release beers—and, actually any craft beer—is to take home the draft version of the beer in a growler or a crowler.  Growlers are reusable glass, aluminum or ceramic containers and have twist or snap-top lids, allowing you to take fresh, draft craft beer home.  The most common growler size is 64 ounces, but there are also 32 ounce and 128 ounce sizes.  Unopened, growlers can last 2-3 weeks.  But once they’re opened, the beer should be consumed within 12-24 hours.  And, again, growlers are designed to be reusable.

Crowlers also allow us to take home fresh, draft craft beer, but are different in how the beer is sealed.  Crowlers are aluminum cans, like a large beer can, that are filled with craft beer and then sealed by a special crowler sealing machine.  The beer goes directly from the tap into the can and is filled to the rim.  Then the completely filled can is placed on the crowler sealer and, magically, we have a 32 ounce can of draft craft beer!  And while most beer is best at its freshest, beer in a crowler can be kept for months.  When you’re done with your crowler, toss it in your recycling container; crowlers are not reusable containers.

So as we enjoy this time of the year, be sure to also enjoy an Octoberfest, Pumpkin Ale or Harvest Beer in a bottle, can, draft… or from a growler or a crowler!



The Craft Beer Guy


Twitter: @jwcraftbeerguy

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