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CBoTB-Southern Tier Pumking!

With Thanksgiving just 13 days away, our thoughts turn to family, friends, football, turkey, pumpkin pie and… beer!

In 2008, I was living in the Philadelphia area and exploring the craft beer world the same way I do now.  One of the places where I bought my beer put together a mixed case of pumpkin ales, including the first release of Pumking from Southern Tier Brewing.  If you’ve hear this Craft Beer on The Bay feature before, you may know that I am a big fan of that beer at this time of the year.

Well, last year, I came across a wonderful… and very funny video featuring Matt Dunn, Southern Tier’s Director of Brewing and Quality.  So with Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie on our minds, I thought you’d enjoy hearing the video, along with a couple comments that I’m going to make to add context to what you’re listening to.

The video starts with Southern Tier’s Matt Dunn sitting at a round table inside the brewery with a pilgrim hat on and a bottle of Pumking, a logoed Pumking glass, and a plate with a slice of pumpkin pie.

(Southern Tier’s Matt Dunn talks)

Pumking is poured into the glass.

(Southern Tier’s Matt Dunn talks)

Matt is seen with a blindfold on and whipped cream is now on the slice of pumpkin pie.  He swirls the Pumking in the glass and brings it to his nose.

(Southern Tier’s Matt Dunn talks)

Matt Dunn then takes a nice drink of Pumking and swirls it in his mouth.

(Southern Tier’s Matt Dunn talks)

Matt takes his fork while blindfolded and stabs the plate until he gets a fork full of pumpkin pie.  Matt is laughing as he puts the pumpkin pie in his mouth.

(Southern Tier’s Matt Dunn talks)

Matt then takes another drink of Pumking.

(Southern Tier’s Matt Dunn talks)

Celebrate Fall!  Enjoy a Pumking this weekend!



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