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Beer Flights

One of the cool aspects of most brewery taprooms is that there are a lot of different beers on draft.  Whether you’ve been drinking craft beer for years, or you’re new to this wonderful world, an awesome way to begin your afternoon or evening in a taproom is with a beer flight.

A beer flight features, typically, four to six different beers, presented on a wooden tray, board, or paddle, with the craft beers presented from light in color to dark.  The pours are smaller than a standard draft, but are still enough to give you the chance to really evaluate each beer.  Some taprooms have a standard flight of their signature beers and others allow you to build your own flight.  No matter which presentation method the brewery offers, beer flights are a fun way to try several different beers before settling in on the one or two you like most.

Another nice part of beer flights is that very often your bartender or server will describe the smell and tasting profile of each beer, making the entire experience a little like dining in a fine restaurant, but instead of getting hungry as you hear the descriptions, you’re getting thirsty!  It’s gourmet… drinking: a beautiful visual of your beers lined up side-by-side on the paddle, the light of the room making each beer appear especially appetizing, the aroma from each glass as you lift the beer to drink, and then the remarkable flavor of a great craft beer.

So visit a craft brewery this weekend, spend some time in their taproom, and start your adventure with a beer flight!



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