Waverly Brewing’s 3rd Anniversary!

It was just three years ago when Waverly Brewing first opened its doors to thirsty craft beer
drinkers! Waverly has one of the most interesting taprooms you’ll find anywhere and the
beer they make is outstanding.

I got together with Waverly Brewing’s Roy Fisher and Greg McGrath to talk about one of
their newest creations, Ingvar Kicks Norse England. Here’s Greg McGrath.

(Waverly Brewing’s Greg McGrath talks)

Now it’s time to drink it! So, Roy Fisher, tell us about this wonderful new beer…

(Waverly Brewing’s Roy Fisher talks)

And I did… and they were delicious!

Now, mark your calendars for Saturday, October 27 th ! It’s Waverly Brewing’s 3-D
Anniversary Party—costumes, friends and… beer!

To my friends at Waverly: congratulations on three years!


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