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September 2018 Update on Red Shedman Farm Brewery

I took a drive to Mt. Airy this week, winding my way through farm land to Red Shedman
Farm Brewery. Red Shedman’s Brewmater Vic Aellen and I grabbed a couple stools, a few
beers, and sat down at the bar in their taproom and caught up on life… and beer.

(Red Shedman’s Vic Aellen talks)

We then tasted each of these whirlpool-hopped ales: Pitchfork Pale Ale, Suicide Blonde-a
White IPA, and Barnstormer Double IPA. But like most breweries, Red Shedman has a lot of
different styles to experience.

(Red Shedman’s Vic Aellen talks)

Red Shedman has both of their Goses on draft right now—their Kryptonite Gose…

(Red Shedman’s Vic Aellen talks)

…and their Strawberry Rhubarb Gose.

(Red Shedman’s Vic Aellen talks)

Red Shedman is at 13601 Glissans Mill Road in Mt. Airy. Enjoy the drive… and the beer.


The Craft Beer Guy

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