Denizens Brewing Company

July 2014 was an important time for Julie Verratti, Emily Bruno and Jeff Ramirez, the three
founders of Denizens Brewing Company. They had found a great location for their brewery
and taproom on East-West Highway in Silver Spring and had spent the last seven months
converting a building with potential… into something special.

I talked with Julie Verratti about the founding of Denizens Brewing.

(Denizens Brewing’s Julie Verratti talks)

Denizens has two taprooms: one upstairs with views of East-West Highway and one
downstairs surrounding the brewing system. So grab a stool and choose your Denizens

(Denizens Brewing’s Julie Verratti talks)

Barrel aged beers, sours, IPAs, lagers… time for a visit to Denizens Brewing in Silver Spring!


The Craft Beer Guy