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Revive! Divine Food & Divine Beer!

Imagine an event set in a spectacular historic building with beautiful landscaping. As you
walk through the hallways and rooms, at every turn you find a restaurant with amazing food
that’s been prepared to be paired with equally amazing craft beer.

Welcome to Revive!—divine food and divine beer!

Revive! is a celebration of Maryland’s award-winning beer and cuisine, presented by the
Brewers Association of Maryland, or BAM I got together with BAM’s Kelly Dudeck and Jim
Bauckman to talk about Revive! Here’s Kelly Dudeck.

(Kelly Dudeck, from the Brewers Association of Maryland, talks)

I then asked Jim Bauckman about the process of selecting the restaurants.

(Jim Bauckman, from the Brewers Association of Maryland, talks)
Revive! will take place on Saturday, August 25 th from 6pm-9pm. Tickets are on sale now
and will only be sold in advance. And because there are only 300 tickets for Revive!, you’ll
want to get yours today!

13 restaurants, 16 medal-winning beers, an unbelievable location. It’ll be a night to


The Craft Beer Guy

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