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B.C. Brewery

Over the last four years, brewery taprooms have taken on a steadily increasing importance
for every craft brewery. While the design and concept for every taproom remains unique,
the common theme is that brewery taprooms are part of their local community.

And that’s exactly what Rich Mak, the owner and founder of Baltimore County Brewing had
in mind when he put together his business plan for B.C. Brewing. I got together with Rich
Mak and brewmaster, Jim Wagner to talk about B.C. Brewing. Here’s Rich Mak on his view
on the local, community feel for B.C. Brewing.

(Baltimore County Brewing’s Rich Mak talks)

Rich starting planning for the opening of B.C. Brewing in April of 2017 and as his plans
started to come together, he found out that 18-year DuClaw brewer Jim Wagner was
available and ready to start a new adventure! Jim Wagner’s vast brewing experience and
his ability to create many beer styles made him the perfect fit for B.C. Brewing. I asked Jim
about the B.C. Brewing taproom concept.

(Baltimore County Brewing’s Jim Wagner talks)

One of the unique aspects of B.C. Brewing is their self-serve wall. The self-serve wall lets
you pour your own beer, having as little as a half-ounce for a tasting or… a full pint. You
get to choose from the same 24 drafts that are behind the bar, the only difference is that
this part of the taproom is… self-serve.

If you can get there fast enough, try the Angry Kentucky Scotsman, a bourbon barrel aged
Scotch Ale. It is spectacular!


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