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The Innovation Brewhouse at Heavy Seas

When Hugh Sisson founded Clipper City Brewing in 1995, everything he did was innovative. As an industry, craft beer was in its infancy. Innovation was part of Hugh Sisson’s life every day. Whether it was developing new recipes, refining the brewing system, or developing a new lineup of beers—that’s how the Heavy Seas brand started—innovation has always defined the brewery now known as Heavy Seas Beer.

Heavy Seas makes some of the best beer in the world. And innovative thinking is one of the reasons their beer is so amazing. I got together with Chris Leonard, Heavy Seas Brewmaster and Operations Manager, to talk about a wonderful, new part of the Heavy Seas Brewery.

(Chris Leonard from Heavy Seas Beer talks)

And here’s some awesome news! Today is the first day you can enjoy the brand new Heavy Seas Raspberry Sour! The Heavy Seas taproom is easy to get to—it’s just off Exit 9 on the Beltway. Grab your growler, or pick up a crowler at the taproom and taste the magic of Heavy Seas Raspberry Sour from the Innovation Brewhouse at Heavy Seas!


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