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Checkerspot Brewing

There is no standard blueprint for starting a craft brewery. But there is a common theme that all great craft breweries share: a love for making beer.

Judy Neff, Rob Neff and Steve Marsh are three deeply passionate beer lovers and are just days away from realizing a dream come true. Next Saturday, June 30th, Checkerspot Brewing opens in Federal Hill!

Rob Neff has a background in construction and was running a company that specialized in renovating rowhomes. But there was always a love for beer.

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Rob Neff talks)

Judy Neff is a microbiologist who worked in the field of microbiology and immunology. But, besides her husband Rob, what she really loved was beer.

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Judy Neff talks)

Steve Marsh got his professional brewing career started when he approached Heavy Seas Founder Hugh Sisson about a job at the Heavy Seas brewery because of his love for making cask-conditioned beer.

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Steve Marsh talks)

Steve then left Milkhouse to devote time to starting his own brewery. At the same time,
Judy and Rob Neff were also planning on starting a craft brewery.

(Checkerspot Brewing’s Judy Neff talks)

Three beer lovers. One brewery. Checkerspot Brewing opens next Saturday! You can find more information at

I’ll see you there!


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