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Let’s zoom back 10 years. It’s late 2008 on the Eastern Shore, near Salisbury, and rumors are circulating that a craft brewery might be opening. This was especially big news then. The Salisbury/Ocean City area had no craft breweries in 2008. But that was all about to change. Tommy and Johnny Knorr were, indeed, building a craft brewery and in so doing, realizing a dream.

Just a few months later, Evolution Craft Brewing Company opened in Delmar, Delaware, just a couple of miles over the Maryland/Delaware border. That first space in Delaware wasn’t glamorous or even highly visible, but it had the room to install a brewing system and a bottling operation and build space for a small taproom. That was all the Knorr’s needed to get their beer to a bunch of thirsty Delmarva residents!

Fueled in part by Evolution’s success, Salisbury took another look at zoning laws and found a way to make relocating to Salisbury an attractive move for Tommy and Johnny Knorr. That move led to building a much larger capacity brewery, an inviting tasting room and an excellent restaurant.

Tommy Knorr is an inventive, progressive brewer and has created some outstanding beers that go beyond traditional styles. From aging beer in Chardonnay, Bourbon and Rum barrels to using a wide variety of yeasts, Evolution has a line-up of craft beer with a wide variety of flavor profiles.

But beyond the adventurous craft beer that Evolution makes, their stable of year-round
releases is strong. If you’re new to the craft beer adventure, or want a really good
sessionable ale, Primal Pale Ale is a great choice. And if you’re a hop-head, like me, pick up either one of Evolutions IPAs: Lot No. 3 or Lot No. 6, a Double IPA.

It’s the weekend! Grab an Evolution craft beer and taste the good life!


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