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Jailbreak Brewing’s Kitchen!

One of the very cool parts of the craft beer industry is the continuing emergence, growth and even redesign of brewery taprooms because of the interest that craft beer drinkers have in spending time at the brewery in these unique spaces. Over the last couple years, many breweries have expanded the taproom experience by scheduling rotating food trucks so that customers can enjoy craft beer and hand-crafted food together.

Jailbreak Brewing, located on North Washington Boulevard in Laurel, is one of the breweries that has been taking advantage of the appeal of food trucks. But Jailbreak co-founder and CEO Justin Bonner was determined to take the craft beer and food experience to another level. Justin had a vision of adding a kitchen to the brewery tap room! I got together with Jailbreak Brewing’s Becca Newell to talk about their just-opened kitchen!

(Jailbreak Brewing’s Becca Newell talks)

I have been a fan of Jailbreak’s beers for years. So drinking beer AND eating food at Jailbreak is a day in paradise. If you’ve not enjoyed a Jailbreak beer, make sure you do so tomorrow at the 2018 Maryland Craft Beer Festival!

(Jailbreak Brewing’s Becca Newell talks)

Fresh Jailbreak craft beer at the Maryland Craft Beer Festival, tomorrow! I can’t wait!

…see you there!

The Craft Beer Guy

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