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New England IPAs

Over the last two years, a new style of IPA has gone from being made by only a few New England breweries to one of the hottest craft beer styles in years.  This delicious style of IPA is often referred to as a New England IPA because that’s where it all started.  Vermont breweries, The Alchemist and Lawson’s Finest Liquids, are two of the breweries that are often identified as being responsible for creating and launching this incredible style.  New England IPAs are distinctive because of their hazy appearance and juicy flavor.

Whether you call the beer a New England style IPA or a juicy, hazy IPA, you’ll find this beer style to be quite a bit different from the Northwestern IPAs that really made IPAs explode in popularity years ago.  While a Northwestern IPA brings out the bitterness in the hops, a New England IPA brings out the sweetness and juicyness of the hops.

Diamondback Brewing in McHenry Row, makes an excellent hazy, juicy IPA called Green Machine.  You can have it on draft in the Diamondback Brewing taproom or, now, at your local liquor store in cans.  And industry forerunner, Boston Beer, has come out with an awesome New England IPA!  The name?  Sam Adams New England IPA!  It is spectacular!

If you’ve not been able to enjoy other IPAs because of their wonderful dryness and bitterness—and I do mean wonderful!—try a New England IPA.  Hazy.  Juicy.  And delicious!



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