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Love Thy Beer Winter Warmer Showcase

Here we are, in the heart of winter! February 2nd. Groundhog Day. And it’s cold outside! But there are other things to know about today that relate to… surprise… craft beer! Today is day number two of Maryland Craft Beer Lovers Month, now known as FeBREWary! Today also means that it’s just two weeks until the Brewers Association of Maryland’s Love Thy Beer Winter Warmer Showcase, taking place at the Silver Spring Civic Center, Friday, February 16th from 6pm-10pm.

And today, in about a minute, you can win tickets to the Love Thy Beer Winter Warmer Showcase from your friends at 100.7 The Bay! How awesome is that? Free craft beer festival tickets! Details, in a few seconds!

The Love Thy Beer Winter Warmer Showcase is a celebration of craft beer and gives special attention to the wonderful seasonal offerings that are available now. In addition to winter seasonals, there will be over 100 different beers to enjoy, in almost every style: stouts, porters, IPAs, pilsners, sours, pale ales and more, including special small-batch craft beer.

It’s an evening with lots of beer and lots of breweries: Antietam, Brewer’s Alley, Denizens, Evolution, Flying Dog, Heavy Seas, Hysteria, Jailbreak, Manor Hill, Milkhouse, Monocacy, Oliver, Red Shedman, Union, Waredaca and many others! And everyone gets a BAM tasting glass!

Do you want to go? Then text the word “BEER” to 410-584-100.7 right now. If you’re one of the first six texts, you’ll win two tickets to the 2nd Annual Love Thy Beer Winter Warmer Showcase! And one lucky person will be selected at random to win VIP tickets. Text “BEER” to 410-584-100.7 now and win tickets to this great craft beer celebration!



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