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Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

Maryland’s outstanding craft beer culture is the direct result of so many passionate and creative people in the craft beer industry and, as consumers, our love for craft beer! I’ve been fortunate to meet some really good people in the craft beer community over the last four years since starting this Craft Beer on The Bay feature. One of those “good people” is Ben Clark, the Brewmaster at Flying Dog Brewery. Ben and I got together a while ago to taste and talk about some of Flying Dog’s craft beers. First up, Snake Dog IPA, what Ben Clark described as one of their flagship beers.

(Flying Dog’s Ben Clark talks)

CTZ hops are a blend of three hops: Columbus, the C”, Tomahawk, the “T” and Zeus, the “Z”, in CTZ. The CTZ hops give Snake Dog IPA its distinct character and is one of the reasons why this IPA is so immensely popular.

Enjoy your weekend. And enjoy a Snake Dog IPA from Flying Dog Brewery too!



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