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Imperial Stout

Bitter cold temperatures. Icy winds. Time for an Imperial Stout!

Imperial Stout is a style of beer that fits so well for cold, winter days. In general, Imperial Stouts tend to have a subtle sweetness that Extra, Dry, Cream, and Oatmeal stouts don’t have. It’s part of what defines the style. And Imperial Stouts are usually higher in alcohol by volume than other stouts. Years ago, when I was just beginning my craft beer journey, I bought a bottle of Northcoast Brewing’s Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, not knowing anything about the style at the time and was blown away! And now each time I have one, I am still amazed. It’s black and rich with toffee and coffee aromas and robust malt and chocolate flavors. Spectacular. And in many ways, Old Rasputin sets the standard for a truly great Imperial Stout.

Here are some other world-class Imperial Stouts that are equally outstanding:

    • · Brooklyn Brewery makes a stunning Russian Imperial Stout called Black Chocolate Stout. Deep, dark, and delicious, this beer has a very clear chocolate flavor to it, without having any chocolate added to the brew.
    • · Heavy Seas Beer makes two incredible Imperial Stouts: Peg Leg and Siren Noire. Peg Leg Imperial Stout is available all year and is a wonderful example of the style with the richness and subtle sweetness that is characteristic of Imperial Stouts. Siren Noire is a Chocolate Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels for five weeks with vanilla beans and cocoa nibs. Awesome.
    • · Southern Tier Brewing makes some of the best craft beer in America and their Imperial Stout line-up is unbelievable… and unbelievably good! I don’t have time to describe each one, but if you try any one of these, you will be impressed… and love every minute of it.
      • Choklat, with notes of chocolate
      • Choklat Oranj, brewed with chocolate and orange peels
      • Salted Caramel, with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and notes of caramel
      • Thick Mint, brewed with chocolate and mint
      • Crème Brulee, with vanilla beans
      • Warlock, brewed with pumpkin and pumpkin spice
      • Monstrosus, aged in bourbon barrels.

Imperial Stout. Perfect for a cold, winter weekend.



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