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Beer on New Year’s Eve

As we head into this weekend, I find myself reflecting on this past year and thinking about things to do in 2018. And like you, I’m also thinking about welcoming in the New Year on Sunday night.

While toasting the New Year with a glass of champagne is what is most commonly associated with New Year’s Eve, I love celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next with a delicious glass of craft beer. Typically I vary the style of glass I use based on the craft beer I’m drinking, but on New Year’s Eve I like using a wine goblet. The wine goblet’s long stem and deep, wide bowl present the beer beautifully and allow the beer’s color to be seen clearly and the aromas to be captured easily as you raise your glass for your toast.

If you want to stay with the champagne mood, try one of Brewery Ommegang’s beers. Based in Cooperstown, New York, Brewery Ommegang has been making inventive, mostly Belgian-inspired beers for years. All of their beers are available in 750ml bottles and have caged, corked tops, giving you the chance to have the visual, large bottle and cork experience that you get with champagne. Their six primary beers are each stylistically different: Hennepin is a Golden Ale; Gnomegang in a Blonde Ale; Witte is a Wheat Ale; Rare Vos is an Amber Ale; Abbey Ale is a Dubbel Ale; and Three Philosopher’s is a Quadrupel Ale.

No matter what you chose, resolve to find something special to savor as you celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day this year.

Happy New Year!



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