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Flying Fish Brewing

The year was 1994. I was working at a radio station in Philadelphia and already into my deep love affair with craft beer when I read about an internet-only brewery. But it didn’t make any sense to me. For beer to be made, there has to be a physical brewery… right? As it turned out, the internet-only brewery was simply a concept that Gene Muller used to launch the now extremely successful Flying Fish Brewery.

Gene Muller is the Founder and President of Flying Fish Brewery. I had the chance to spend some time at the Flying Fish Brewery in Somerdale, New Jersey recently, and asked Gene to tell us the story behind Flying Fish.

(Flying Fish’s Gene Muller talks)

You can see, smell and taste the true care and craft that has gone into making these award-winning beers. Flying Fish has six year-round craft beers. Here’s Gene Muller with the line-up:

(Flying Fish’s Gene Muller talks)

Now I know you’re thirsty! Time to have a Flying Fish craft beer



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