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Scott Fitzgerald

Ok, I'll be the first to admit it, at times it's scary for me to realize that I am nearing the 40 year mark of both entertaining and saving the lives of members of the Baltimore area's public. However, in the long run, I have ended up becoming a dedicated public servant, and a well known radio personality, both at the same time for most of my life.

Where to start you ask??? The radio bug first bit me by regularly being able to visit Baltimore DJ and Morning LEGEND Joe Knight, while only a grade schooler in the late 60's at Shrine of the Little Flower, in my Belair/Edison home community. I was introduced to him due to my love of building plastic models, and my fascination with their newest service, Trafficopter 130, and it's great reporters such as Jim Conway, and Stu Smith. This simple Bell 47 'copter and my desire to be able to build a smaller version of it, allowed me to start a great friendship with this man of many voices, (Granny Packer), and an excellent entertainer.

On to High School at Baltimore's Archbishop Curley. While at ABC I was one of the founders, and later program director, and news anchor, for the award winning WFRS-TV, the very first closed circuit school TV station in Maryland. Simultaneously I decided to learn the radio ropes on my own following Joe's guidance, and undertook volunteer DJ stints at the old Loch Raven Veteran's Administration Hospital's closed circuit radio station, WAVR, Public Radio WBJC-FM(91.5), and John's Hopkins University's Powerhouse closed circuit rocker, the original WJHU.

Fast Forward; It's 1973, I have graduated from Curley, the summer is over, and my Mom is bitching about me laying around the house doing nothing. Typical Teenager, right?? Well, I made one phone call and found myself in October as the midday/afternoon DJ, and Music Director of WVOB-AM(1520) Bel Air. After years of listening to the fire department scanner, I decided to try my own hand in public safety with the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company in December, and then on to several other volunteer departments such as English Consul, Orchard Beach, Jacksonville, and Fallston.

January 1974 was THE highlight of my young life resulting in my anointment as Scott Fitzgerald at WLPL-FM(92.3). I started out doing 2 hours a night from 10pm til midnight. That later expanded to the 10pm to 2am shift after winning over the audience and having them fall in love, and further to the prime spot of 7pm to midnight, following the sudden departure of our night DJ in order to open a French Fry Stand on the Ocean City boardwalk. My nightly gig was the number 1 rated slot with the young crowd of my era.

By 1975 I decided to take a break from radio in order to pursue my initial public safety training as a Firefighter, EMT, and early Paramedic. After working as a Medic with the Washington DC Fire Department for 2 years I found myself back on the air in May 1979 doing weekend/swing shifts for Disco105 WKTK-FM(105.7), (Do YOU remember Donna Summer???). I then segued to Music104 WITH-FM(104.3) and the old familiar 10pm to 2am shift. My crazy high energy antics and the popular music of the day helped many Baltimorean's get through their nights. WITH AM and FM were being liquidated and I stayed on at the FM for it's re-birth that July as B104, WBSB-FM(104.3), one of Baltimore's most successful Top 40 stations ever!!! At the end of 1980 it was back to 105.7, now known as SuperRadio WQSR. I handled the afternoon shift and was the music director.

1981 found another turn when I was hired as a Medevac Helicopter Dispatcher at SYSCOM, for the world famous Maryland Shock Trauma Center. I decided to stay on the air at WQSR part time. Toward the end of 1982 I left radio again to concentrate on a new job as a 911, and Fire Dispatcher for Baltimore County. During my tenure I handled such major incidents as the triple departmental fatal fire at Shillers in Dundalk, the Chase Amtrak/Colonial train wreck, the Reisterstown Tornado, and as a member of the Countywide 800Mhz Trunked Radio Conversion Project. In September 1994 I entered the Fire Academy recruit training program graduating as an EMT, and promoting to Paramedic, and Firefighter positions, before I took an early retirement in on my 50th birthday in February 2005. During my career I also took 3 unforgettable and unbelievably sad trips to New York's World Trade Center site at Ground Zero, as an Honorary Pall Bearer for FDNY members.

The summer of 1995 saw me once again get bug bitten and back on the air part time at WCEI-FM(96.7) Easton, 98YCR WYCR-FM(98.5) York PA, and even a little bit Country at both BOB94.9 WRBT-FM Harrisburg PA, and then NewCountry 100.7 WGRX-FM Westminster/Baltimore. Shockingly I was also called at the same time to take over the Disco Flavored "Dancin Hits Saturday Night" from Big Don O'Brien at The Colt WOCT-FM(104.3). Neither station allowed me to use the same air name on more than one outlet so I ended up with an identity crisis as Scott at 100.7, and A.J. at 104.3. (Yeah, I had that name first !!!)

During the summer of 2000 I found a HOME at The Bay, WZBA_FM(100.7) starting with weekends/swing during the old Rock Without the Hard Edge format, and staying on for the current Baltimore's Classic Rock branding. During my senior tenure I have outlasted countless Sale's Rep's,DJ's, Engineers, and Bosses.

February 2011 saw me put the headset back on again in order to tell people "where to go" as a Baltimore City Fire Department Dispatcher.

As I have been known to say over the years "I just LOVE to have fun on the radio". It's the stress relief that I need for my Fire Department job. As a native of Baltimore, as other local personalities, I have worked for several stations throughout the years. I have always done it "full-speed ahead, and in your face". One of the things that I have been best known for at several stations is my annual Halloween extravaganza, allowing me to use my knowledge, expertise, and love of all things October 31st, and allowing everyone to enjoy it on the air. In 2011 after my Mom's sudden death, I went in the opposite career direction and worked part time for a local Funeral Home. Yes, I have seen dead bodies, as well as being able to identify songs that would eventually turn out to be stiffs. In 2012 I even found myself working part time at the Lutherville Spirit Halloween store and loving it. Could it be a new career ??? Stand By for News, as they say.

I totally LOVE both of my broadcasting and public safety careers, and I hope that this is very evident to anyone.

I can be reached by email, scott@thebayonline.com, or on Facebook by searching for Scott Fitzgerald, Cockeysville MD.


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