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More Prince news

May 04, 2016 -- 10:49am

New reports are out that an intervention with Prince had been scheduled for the morning that his body was discovered.   Apparently, Prince himself requested the help of a California specialist in opioid addiction treatment.  Attorney William Mauzy says "Prince was dealing with a grave medical emergency."  Multiple sources say Prince had been abusing prescription painkillers.  While we await official autopsy results, The Senator theater will show "Purple Rain" on the big screen tonight for 2 viewings.  Get more details here.    If you happen to think you already know everything about Prince, think again.



One Rocker's Pet Peeve

Apr 29, 2016 -- 12:50pm


What is your biggest pet peeve?  If someone asks me that, I don't have to think twice when I say that it's drivers who do not use their blinkers!!!  Happy to hear that a talented musician is on the same page and decided to vent a little bit through song.   Check out this song done by Paul Gilbert (Mr Big).  It's from his new solo album "I Can Destroy."  I will definitely get a copy of it and I suggest you do the same because the great Kevin Shirley is at the helm with production duties.  Here's what Paul had to say about the making of the new record....

“At the time I began thinking about the record, I was having a lot of self-doubt,” Gilbert admitted in a press release. “I was wondering if the well was dry, and if I could write anymore. But the enthusiasm of Kevin Shirley and the musicians in their responses to the ideas I was bringing up and the song seeds I was sharing with them made the difference between having self-doubt and being confident. I couldn’t have done it without them. I have profound gratitude for that. They’re all great guys, and really fun to hang with.”

The album will be available May 27th.  In the meantime, TURN ON THAT DAMN TURN SIGNAL!!!!


Fun to fantasize

Apr 28, 2016 -- 11:56am


Working at the greatest Classic Rock station, I get to play so many talented Classic Rock artists, so when someone asked me what musicians I would put together for a "Supergroup", it was a tough decision!  With Axl joining AC/DC, Todd Rundgren in Ringo Starr's touring band, Tom Hamilton a part of the Thin Lizzy line-up, this is good food for thought.  What would your Fantasy Super Group look like?   Don't forget to check out The Block Party Weekend for all the super talented rock stars this weekend on The Bay!!


Best Beaches

Apr 27, 2016 -- 11:39am


Memorial weekend is just about a month away, so by now you should be thinking of summer vacations.  Maybe do something different this year?!  If you can't afford a huge, expensive trip - no worries because we have a vacation playground in our own bakyard (kinda).  Check out where Ocean City Maryland lands on this Top 10 list of Best Family Beach Vacation in the USA.   Meantime, be sure and remember to vote for your hometown for our next stop on The Bay Hometown Tour 2016!


God respects Prince

Apr 25, 2016 -- 2:08pm


There have been so many artist tributes and comments about the passing of Prince over the past week - even the very reserved Eric Clapton reflected on what his absence means to him:

"I'm so sad about the death of Prince, he was a true genius, and a huge inspiration for me, in a very real way....
In the the eighties, I was out on the road in a massive downward spiral with drink and drugs, I saw Purple Rain in a cinema in Canada, I had no idea who he was, it was like a bolt of lightning!...
In the middle of my depression, and the dreadful state of the music culture at that time it gave me hope, he was like a light in the darkness...
I went back to my hotel, and surrounded by empty beer cans, wrote Holy Mother....
I can't believe he's gone...."

Clapton one time responded to an interviewer's question on what it feels like to be the world's best guitar player and his classic response was "I don't know, ask Prince."  Eric has a new album called "I Still Do" on May 20th, and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he releases some sort of musical tribute to the late, great Prince.


What's up Duff?

Apr 21, 2016 -- 11:09am

While Guns and Roses prep for their upcoming tour, bassist Duff McKagan is busy promoting his new documentary, "It's So Easy and Other Lies."   Before Duff spent 12 years with the initial G&R line-up, he claims he was in 31 bands in Seattle, where he grew up!   He spent some time in Velvet Revolver and Jane's Addiction before he returned to the Guns and Roses camp in 2010.  He's got quite a story to tell, so add this one to your movie-watching list.



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