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3 Favorite Moments From The Big Game

Feb 08, 2016 -- 6:50am

Overall, it was a pretty sloppy game.   Overall, I couldn't have cared less about the outcome, even though my prediction worked out a lot better than that of JY from Styx!  Sorry James, had to go there.  These were my 3 favorite moments from last night's game.  What were yours?


3.  Wwwaaaaaa!!!!  From now on, this will be known as a "Camtrum".  I don't even think my 6 year old daughter is this dramatic.


2.  Anyone else find it hilarious that the first person to greet Peyton was Papa John?


3.  Stephen Tyler of Aerosmith was a part of the best ad of the night.  Hey Skittles, sweet job.

DEMO VERSION- "Behind Blue Eyes"

Feb 05, 2016 -- 8:39am

Today's Klug's Klassic featured this classic from the Who.  Pete Townshend's original demo can be heard below.  What do you think?  My favorite part is at 2:11 when that acoustic really gets going.

JY of Styx Picks The Big Game

Feb 05, 2016 -- 7:53am

James "JY" Young of Styx did pretty well picking playoff games.  He went 8 for 10, so ya might want to go with his pick over mine!  


He's pickin' the Panthers for the big game Sunday.  


James says, "Cam Newton is just such a force. But he's really evolved into the pocket passer that people didn't think he was. He's looking as good as a quarterback can look to me. And, against Arizona they were clearly focused and I expect them to be totally focused. Carolina by a touchdown for sure."  


As for me, I'm pickin' Peyton.  26-23.  A 4th quarter last second Brandon McManus field goal wins it!

Who's The Pink Floyd Fan?

Feb 04, 2016 -- 8:47am

Quick, guess which one is the biggest Pink Floyd fan?  

Believe it or not, it's the suit on the left.  Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich said "If I’m president, I am going to once and for all try to reunite Pink Floyd to come together and play a couple of songs. And since we have so much trouble in America with our finances, I’m going to [ask the band to] start with a little song they created called ‘Money.’”  

Top right is Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. who once wore the t shirt below.  He really didn't hate them, by the way.  In fact, his favorite ablum is Dark Side Of The Moon and has expressed interest to get in the studio with band.

Bottom right is my bud Bitter Rob, who pretty much hates everything.

Rod And Ruby - Daddy Daughter Duet

Feb 04, 2016 -- 6:48am

Having a daughter myself, this one hit me hard.  I can just imagine how proud Rod must have been to be able to be up on stage with his little girl.  Fighting back wimpy daddy tears right now.  This is a performance with Rod and his daughter Ruby Stewart in Chile in 2014.  She's got daddy's chops!

Van Halen Superbowl Ad

Feb 02, 2016 -- 8:46am

Look for Van Halen featured in this Acura ad this Sunday!

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