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Who's That Dancing On Billy Joel's Piano?

Sep 02, 2015 -- 6:55am

Billy Joel had a couple of surprise guests at his Wrigley Field performance.  Jennifer Lawrence and Towson's own Amy Schumer.  Apparently, they're best buds nowadays.  Hey Billy, what a life!

Forward to about 1:55 for fun.  


Laura Adkins

Feb 20, 2012 -- 4:40pm

Laura Adkins, senior at Chesapeake High School, stopped by the More Music Morning Show. She wrote a song for her friend Kala Austin. On October 12th, Kala tragically died in a car crash. Laura's song had helped a community heal. She performed the song live on the show. Listen below.

Laura Adkins - Kala's Song

Laura's full interview on February 17th, 2012

Alana Klug's Story

Feb 17, 2012 -- 9:09am

Maybe you've heard me on the air promoting the March for Babies, the Signature Chef Auction, or various other March of Dimes events.  Here's why...


Ima Gitcha Guy

Feb 16, 2012 -- 1:19pm


Some have requested the audio from the "Ima Gitcha Guy".  Well, here it its... 

When we opened our "Give Thanks Line" to the public, this guy decided to leave us a message.

The Original Call

After hearing that, I just HAD to talk to this goofball again.  Since he didn't leave his name, we had listeners guess what it was.  My favorite prediction was "Elmer".  That turned out to be wrong.  We did finally got in touch with the legendary "Ima Gitcha Guy".  He certainly lived up to our expectations.  Here's our conversation below.

Ima Gitcha Guy Reveals His Name

Benny is a Pest

Feb 15, 2012 -- 1:20pm

Thanks to Rob Fahey for stopping by the Bay Studios this morning.  He played us a little treat for Purple Friday.  It's called "Benny is a Pest" - click the picture to listen


Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience

Feb 14, 2012 -- 1:28pm


Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience is coming to the Filmore November 10th.  Here's my conversation with him.  Also below is the band performing Jason's favorite, "Kashmir"

Jason Bonham Interview Part 1

Jason Bonham Interview Part 2

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