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20 Minute Trivia for Tuesday 2/21

Feb 21, 2017 -- 7:44am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q... In 1971 less than 1% of U.S. households had one of these, now there are  only 5% who do not have one… What is it?

A... A microwave oven.

Even though this seems IMPOSSIBLE in this day and age . . . 5% of American households don't have microwaves.  It's true.  I'm not sure exactly what they're doing without them . . . but they're microwave-free.

In 1971, 46 years ago, less than 1% of households in the U.S. had microwaves. 

20 Minute Trivia for Monday 2/20

Feb 20, 2017 -- 7:39am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q… According to this survey the average man spends a month of his life looking for this .. What is it?

A... Socks !!

It's nice that we really make every moment count.  A British website published their findings from a survey where they attempted to figure out how the average man spends his life.  And . . . we blow it.

According to their findings, the average man . . .

Spends 11 years in front of the TV.

Spends 10,585 hours, or 1.2 years, at bars.

Spends one full month searching for matching socks.

Has nine sexual partners.

Only learns how to cook four meals.

Earns an average of $45,495-a-year over the course of his life.

And says "sorry" 1.9 million times.


20 Minute Trivia for Thursday 2/16

Feb 16, 2017 -- 7:29am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia: 

Q… A lot of us did this as kids and according to this survey 5% of adults still make it a part of their nightly routine … what is it?

A… Check under the bed


Hey, if you want gender equality, you just can't have it when it's CONVENIENT.

 According to this survey, ONE out of FIVE men say they're happy to let their wife or girlfriend check out a STRANGE NOISE in the middle of the night.

 About 40% of them say they let her go because they KNOW there's nothing to worry about. But 10% admit they let her go because they're too SCARED to go check it out themselves.

 20% of people admit they have a WEAPON handy near the bed . . . and 5% say they still check underneath their bed every night.

 The survey also found the five most common things that wake us up in the middle of the night . . . home intruders obviously didn't make the list.  The top five are car alarms, cats fighting, snoring, thunder, and heavy rain.

20 Minute Trivia for Wednesday 2/15

Feb 15, 2017 -- 7:35am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q… Most people I know mastered this in grade school, but almost 10% of the adults in this survey say they can do it…. What is it?

A… Ride a bicycle


The reason people use the cliché "It's like riding a bicycle" is because, in theory, we never forget how to ride one.  Turns out that's not quite true.

According to a new survey, one out of eight adults say they can't ride a bicycle.  That includes people who never learned . . . and people who haven't ridden one for so long, they're pretty sure they forgot how.

The survey found it's also been nine years since the average person went biking. 

(Daily Mail)

20 Minute Trivia for Tuesday 2/14

Feb 14, 2017 -- 7:38am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q… Almost 90% of the people in this survey say they will be less than honest about this today… what is it

A… Their diet


You know what makes Valentine's Day better?  Distilling it down to a list of raw, cold facts.

We've got the results of a bunch of new Valentine's Day surveys and studies here, and we pulled out the most interesting results from all of them.  Here's the state of love in 2017 by the numbers . . .

1.  More than four out of five people are doing SOMETHING to celebrate Valentine's Day this year.

2.  55% of people plan on having sex tonight.  And 34% of women say they want sex more than ANYTHING ELSE tonight.

3.  46% think today should be a national holiday and a paid day off work. 

4.  Valentine's Day is more likely to be an END than a beginning.  13% of people have dumped someone on Valentine's Day . . . while 12% have gotten engaged.

5.  71% of couples will go out for dinner either tonight or another night this week to celebrate.

6.  87% of people will cheat on their diet during Valentine's Day dinner.  And 44% will order more expensive things than they normally do when they go out to eat.

7.  The worst thing you can do to kill the mood at dinner tonight is use your phone too much.  The other bad things you can do are:  Being rude to your server . . . talking about your ex or politics . . . and having bad table manners.

8.  8% of people will spend more than $500 on Valentine's Day this year.  3% of people will spend less than $10.

9.  Men think they're more romantic than women.  The average man gives himself an eight out of 10 for romance . . . the average woman gives herself a six out of 10.

10.  And finally, one out of five people think it's okay to go on a first date tonight.

(PR Newswire / Daily Mail / ABC 6 - Providence / Bustle)


20 Minute Trivia 2/13

Feb 13, 2017 -- 7:29am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q… Just over  ¼ of the dog owners in this survey say they would rather share this with their dog than their partner… what is it?

A… Their bed

According to a new survey, we really, really love our dogs ... and should pretty much admit they are our real Valentines.

The BarkBox survey found that ...

87% of respondents said they are more accepting of their dog’s irritating behaviors – snoring, snacking, making a mess – than they are of their partner's irritating behavior.

28% said they’d opt to share their bed with the dog rather than their partner. 

More than 50% said they were more comfortable being affectionate with their pups in public than with their significant other.

On average, people in relationships tell their dogs they love them six times per day ...  roughly as often as they tell their partners.

85% of dog owners said their pet had helped them get through a hard time in their life.

Dog owners post pictures or mention their dogs on social media an average of six times a week.

11% have even created a dedicated social media account for their pet.

And how comfortable are we in front of our dogs? The survey found that one-third of people admitted they’d had sex in front of their dogs.

Oh, and one more thing ... nearly 20% of people give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.


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