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Listen every weekday morning at 8:10am  for the College Of Classic Rock Knowledge.  

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2 Tickets to see


plus The Dave DeMarco Band and Midnite Run

for the 1st Wounded Warrior Benefit Concert

at PIER SIX on August 22nd

Plus a Crack The Sky T-Shirt, CD & Koozie!


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6/6/2014-  Kansas opened for what major act of the 1960's as one of their first big shows? The Doors

6/5/2014-  What album is the Led Zeppelin song"Dancing Days" on?

"Houses of the Holy"

6/4/2014-  What Stevie Nicks song did Weird Al Yankovic parody?  

"Stop Dragging My Heart Around"

(He changed it to "Stop Dragging My Car Around")

6/3/2014-  What member of the Eagles onced lived with Kenny Rogers?  

Don Henley

6/2/2014-  What Journey song had the highest position on the Bilboard Hot 100 chart?

Open Arms  

5/5/2014-  What song from Led Zeppelin IV was a remake of a song from 1929?

"When The Levee Breaks" (Originally recorded by husband and wife Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie in 1929)

5/2/2014-  Which hit did Tom Petty and Bob Dylan write together?

"Jammin Me"

4/30/2014-  What guest musicians appeared on Steve Miller's album "Fly Like An Eagle"?

George Thorogood, Joe Satriani

4/2/2014-  According to the second verse of the song "Long Train Runnin'", which woman did Tom Johnston see "down along the tracks"?

Miss Lucy

4/1/2014-  The riff from "Walking on the Moon" came to Sting while drunk in a hotel.  What did he want to call the song that night?

"Walkin' Round the Room"

3/4/2014-  Congrats to todays winner: Pat Hickey from Millers, MD

Who is the oldest member of the original Van Halen line up?

Alex Van Halen

3/3/2014-  Stephen Tyler of Aerosmith voiced a character named Nym Galuu in what animated movie?


02/28/2014-  What was Pink Floyd's first album?

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

2/25/2014-  Congrats to todays winner:  Jeff from Pasadena!  

What is the shortest track on Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon"

Speak To Me

2/24/2014-  Congrats to todays winner:  Ken from Perry Hall!  

Pink Floyd's 6th studio album was called "Meddle".  What track from that album was used for a greatest hits release later?


2/21/2014-  Who named Billy Gibbons their favorite guitar player on the Dick Cavot show in 1979?  

Jimi Hendrix 

2/20/2014-  Congrats to todays winner:  Jason from Laurel!  

What was the name of the Wilson sister's band before heart was formed?  


2/19/2014-  Congrats to todays winner:  Sarah from Baltimore!  

Nancy Wilson of Heart is married to what famous film director?

Cameron Crowe

2/18/2014-  Congrats to todays winner:  Charles from Edgmere!  

What was the name of the first full length album from the Police?

Outlandos D'amour

2/17/2014-  Congrats to today's winner:  Jimmy from Baltimore!

What Rolling Stones song did John Lennon think was the greatest composition of the 20th century?

Paint It Black

2/14/2014-  Congrats to todays winner:  Kathy (driving to work)!  

Who did Dennis DeYoung once say looked like a caddy?

Phil Collins

2/13/2014-  Congrats to todays winner:  Tim from Pasadena!  

What band member originally started out as a roadie for Lynyrd Sknyrd?

Billy Powell

2/12/2014-  Congrats to todays winner:  Milton from Knottingham!  

What Beatles song did Pat Benatar cover on her album Precious Time?

Helter Skelter

2/11/2014-  Congrats to todays winner:  Anna from Severn!  

Who designed the cover art for ELO's 1974 album "Eldorado"?

Sharon Osbourne

2/10/2014-  Congrats to today's winner:  Colleen from Annapolis!

Last night was the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan show.  How many people tuned in to watch?

73 million

2/7/2014-  Elton John played the part of “Pinball Wizard” in the Who’s rock opera “Tommy”.  Who was offered the role before Elton?

David Bowie

2/6/2014-  What band did Led Zeppelin open up for on their first US Tour in 1968?

Vanilla Fudge

2/4/2014-  Congrats to John from Baltimore.  He's today's winner.

What is Bono of U2's real name?

Paul Hewson

1/31/2014-  David Crosby’s father, Floyd Crosby was also famous like his talented son.  What was his profession?


1/30/2014-  Who is the only artist to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame twice in the same night?

Stephen Stills

1/29/2014-  Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg named their son after which of Keith's Hollywood favourites?

Marlin (Brando)

1/28/2014-  Johnny Colt, bassist for the Black Crowes, had a sticker on his guitar druing the Shake Your Money Maker album.  What did it say?

1/27/2014-  Finish the lyirc:  I went from Phoenix Arizona, all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, __________


1/24/2014-  During a Pink Floyd rehearsal, David Gilmour brought in a song called "A Theme For An Imaginary Western".  This song eventually evolved into what Pink Floyd song?

Atom Heart Mother

1/23/2014-  Inspired by the Beatles performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart started their first band.  What were they called?


1/22/2014-  Who sang the National Anthem where Cal Ripken tied Lou Gehrig’s record for consecutive games played?

Joan Jett

1/21/2014-  Who was one of Tom Petty’s first guitar teachers?

Don Felder

1/20/2014-  Congrats to today's winner (John from Dundalk)

What other artist released a hit single version ofThe Doors  'Light My Fire'?

Jose Feliciano

1/17/2014-  Which song on Led Zeppelin’s first album in an instrumental?

Black Mountain Side

1/16/2014-  Congrats to Erica from Hanover!  She won 4 tickets to Medieval Times getting today's trivia question correct:

Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor did backing vocals on one song by Billy Squier. Which song?

Emotions In Motion 





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