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Hollywood Records Presents

QUEEN News Of The World

40th Anniversary Edition

Now in stores and you can celebrate with us!

Listen to The Bay for your chance to win PLUS you can Enter HERE.

This brand new package includes the original album on CD, plus two further CDs of recently unearthed out-takes and rarities from the band's archives, one of which is a newly created 'alternative' version of the whole album-Raw Sessions.

Plus you will be in the running to win an AT-LP3BK turntable from Audio-technica.  This automatic belt-drive turntable lets you take your analog listening experience to the next level with advanced features!

Available at Best Buy locations.

Visit Audio-technica.com today!




Satisfy your sweet tooth all year with Taste of Home 365 Days of Cookies.  

Of course there are cookies for every traditional holiday from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, but what about Hedgehog Day (Feb. 2), Waffle Day (Mar. 25), Rootbeer Float Day (Aug. 6) or National Brownie Day (Dec. 8)? 

With Taste of Home 365 Days of Cookies, we’ve got you covered with the perfect nibble for every occasion.  From the best chocolate chip cookies and other bake-sale classics to perfectly decorated holiday masterpieces and everything in between, Taste of Home 365 Days of Cookies has the perfect recipe for every day of the year.  There is even a Short & Sweet icon to make quick & easy cookies for lazy-day munching.

Taste of Home 365 Days of Cookies has an easy-to-use lay-flat binding, prep and bake times for every recipe, gorgeous full-color photos, recipe yield, and step-by-step instructions so you can bake like a pro.  Also includes handy baking tips & how-to’s, shipping and storage solutions, gifting and display ideas so you can get the most out of every batch. 

Get Taste of Home 365 Days of Cookies for your favorite baker. 

It will be the sweetest gift you give all year!





With more than 250 stunning photos, featuring destinations from Machu Picchu to the Pyramids of Giza and beyond, this travel-lover's delight takes readers on a breathtaking visual journey to the world's most historic wonderlands.

Pack your bags for an extraordinary adventure with National Geographic to more than 50 places that have captivated our imaginations for centuries.

In this visually stunning volume, the world's leading authority on cultural travel and history showcases bucket-list-ready destinations on every continent, from Easter Island's haunting stone moai to Kyoto's breathtaking temples.

Vintage photographs from the National Geographic archives tell the backstory of the discovery and earliest visitors to places like Carthage, Pompeii, Victoria Falls, and more, while show-stopping contemporary hotographs bring them to life in exquisite detail.

Full-spread features highlight lesserknown hidden sites, such as Pompeii's better-preserved sister city Herculaneum and the less-visited Maya city El Mirador in Guatemala's jungle, offer readers extraordinary opportunities to deepen their travel experience and discover places where the past can truly come to life.

With practical travel tips to help readers get started planning their own legendary journey, this is the perfect gift to keep--or to share!






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