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Yup, you fell for it too.  

At least you didn't sound like an ass during the morning commute on a major market radio station!  Our traffic reporter however, Meredith Marx, pictured below (the one without the hat), can't say that with a straight face.


This morning I called her in advance of making the announcement on the air.  To sum up her reaction:  Hook.  Line.  Sinker.  Since the Flacco that is heading to Boston was Joe's little brother Mike, I (technically) never lied.

Mike Flacco is now in the Boston Red Sox minor league system after hitting .218 with 8 home runs and 35 RBI for the Frederick Keys last year.  I would like to publicly apologize to Meredith Marx for misleading her.  I would also like to thank her for taking a ride on the gullible bus.  I was pretty good radio, which is rare for my show.


Yes, there is audio!

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